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 Your One Stop Shop for Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners in Brisbane, from Acorn Nuts to me Nuts to Hex Nuts and Beyond

Nuts and Bolts

Are you tired of shopping at your local hardware or home improvement store for nuts and bolts in Brisbane, only to strike out on the exact fasteners you need? Are you tired of dealing with online retailers who provide unclear descriptions of the products they stock and take forever to ship anything? If you need fasteners in Brisbane and can’t wait a few days or weeks for an online seller to get you what you need, it’s time for a visit to the Nut & Bolt Factory Woolloongabba.

Nut & Bolt Factory Woolloongabba opened its doors 14 years ago and has been operating at the same location ever since. We have one of the largest selections of nuts and bolts in Brisbane—including acorn nuts, dome nuts, hex nuts and much, much more. Whether you are working on a home improvement project or need a particular fastener for a commercial building project, there is an excellent chance that we stock the product you need.

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Inside Nut & Bolt shopOne look at the Nut & Bolt Factory Woolloongabba will show you that we are far more than just a place to buy dome nuts or hex nuts in Brisbane. Our stock includes nuts, bolts, stainless steel fasteners, socket screws, masonry anchors, washers, building components and construction fasteners. We also sell many of the tools you would use alongside nuts, bolts, and fasteners, including drills, nail and staple guns, power saws and more.

Within each category of nut or bolt, our product range diverges even further. For instance, if you are shopping for acorn nuts in Brisbane, you will find that we carry that type of nut in an array of different sizes and brands. Regarding brands, Nut & Bolt Factory Woolloongabba is a major distributor for Sika products and Fuller products, as well as companies like Airco, Buildex, EHI Australia, Pryda, Shamir, and dozens of others. Click here to see a full list of our suppliers.

Ultimately, our goal with this vast and varied product range is to be a one stop shop for nuts, bolts, fasteners, and hardware. We don’t just want to be a shop where home improvement enthusiasts stop to pick up acorn nuts, hex nuts or dome nuts in Brisbane. On the contrary, we want to be a nut, bolt and fastener supplier for all types of clients—from DIY renovators to building contractors, all the way to industrial companies and government branches.

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Do you know which nut, bolt or fastener you need for your project? If you have a specific type, size, and brand in mind, just give us a call, and we will check our inventory to see if we have it in stock. You can reach Nut & Bolt Factory Woolloongabba by dialling (07) 3393 0303.